NEWUSERS linux command manual

NEWUSERS(8)                                                    NEWUSERS(8)

       newusers - update and create new users in batch

       newusers [new_users]

       newusers  reads  a  file of user name and cleartext password pairs and
       uses this information to update a group of existing users or to create
       new  users.   Each line is in the same format as the standard password
       file (see passwd(5)) with the following exceptions.

       pw_passwd This field will be encrypted and used as the  new  value  of
                 the encrypted password.

       pw_age    This  field will be ignored for shadow passwords if the user
                 already exists.

       pw_gid    This field may be the name of an existing  group,  in  which
                 case  the  named  user will be added as a member.  If a non-
                 existent numerical group is given, a new group will be  cre-
                 ated having this number.

       pw_dir    This  field will be checked for existence as a directory and
                 a new directory with the same name will  be  created  if  it
                 does not already exist.  The ownership of the directory will
                 be set to be that of the user being created or updated.

       This command is intended to be used  in  a  large  system  environment
       where many accounts are updated at a single time.

       The  input  file must be protected since it contains unencrypted pass-

       passwd(1), useradd(8)

       Julianne Frances Haugh (